Language courses


The preschool year, the year prior to a child beginning elementary school is very important, serving as a step stone from a playschool to “big school”.

The preschoolers at English Playschool are offered close-knit environment in which they can develop socially, physically, emotionally and “academically”.

The preschool curriculum follows the general curriculum of English Playschool and its content meets standards of the Jyväskylä city pPreschoolreschool curriculum. It also includes special activities throughout the year. Preschool children are given the foundation and support needed to move on to a bigger and less personal school. With the preschool children being taught in English and Finnish, they are prepared for any school, whether it be a Finnish class, a specialized Finnish/English class or English class also school abroad.

There are option for families who would like for child to continue in an English language setting after English Playschool, Kortepohja School English class, which uses English as the language of teaching.